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Soon after David Schachter’s birth in 1972, his parents realized that he did not respond to noises. Though they enrolled him in a unique learning center for deaf children, David did not develop at a pace comparable to other children his age. After several diagnoses, it was finally determined that David was autistic. Although schools had been established to handle either autistic children or deaf children, none could accommodate a child who was saddled with both of these conditions.Silent Journey is a film that chronicles the life, growth and achievements of David and the efforts of his mother, Sandy, to find a nurturing and stimulating environment for her son. The film follows Sandy as she takes on the bureaucracy of the educational system and the challenges she encounters in her efforts to help David achieve a fulfilling life. Segments from an award-winning PBS series, “On Our Own,” hosted by Rochelle and featuring David are included. Silent Journey is a love story about a mother fighting for her son’s future and a young man achieving what many thought would be impossible. The film features many scenes highlighting David’s growth and travel experiences. Rochelle also interviews professors, world renowned doctors, social workers and psychologists who have been part of David’s life and have followed his progress. His courage, humor and ability to overcome the challenges inherent in his multiple disabilities are documented in this inspiring film.

This film also includes several of Sandy Rochelle’s award winning poetry, and the film’s tapestry of visuals is accompanied by a beautiful original soundtrack.

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